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Department of Energy System Engineering

Location #21102, Engineering Building 1
Address 2066 Seobu-Ro, Jangan-Gu, Suwon, Gyeonggi-Do, Korea
Telephone 82-31-290-5818

Energy is the essential factor for the current and future society and new energy sources are continually explored in order to replace fossil energy. We want to cultivate experts who have the ability to design energy systems based on comprehensive understanding of mechanics, chemical engineering, electronics, atomic energies, economies, and policies.

The Energy System Interdisciplinary Course focuses on nurturing specialists of MS and Ph.D. level, who can handle the technology to increase energy efficiency, development of renewable energy, and eco-friendly technology.



The representative industry applications for this course can cover energy process, energy material, and energy applications. The energy system areas need not only be mechatronics, electrical, electronics, and nuclear engineering, but also economics and policy. Therefore, the specialists in this area should obtain the minimum knowledge of these subjects.

The Energy System Interdisciplinary Course aims to develop students' overall design ability, as well as focusing on theoretical aspects.



The curriculum is based on the regular curriculum of electronics-electrical-computer engineering, mechatronics engineering, and chemistry engineering, and also several special subjects are included, such as; Special Lecture of Energy, Calculation of Energy Process, MS Research I, MS Research II, and Special Lecture of Renewable Energy, which are all three credits.



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