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Student Activities/Societies
Name Activity Information
MIROTAMSAEK (MITAM) Mitam is a programing study club, focusing on studying every kind of programming, as well as participating in competitions.
GONANDO GONANDO, is a programing club that holds a C-seminar for freshmen students;
seminars about information security, mobile application, and so on.
Our club organizes many seminars about extra curricular study.
SKKULUG Union circles, LUG is organized by students in capital region for studying LINUX.
Study about fundametal usage, managing Linux sever, system programming, analysing Linux kernel, and so on.
S.I.O.R S.I.O.R is a robotic research club established by 34 members in 1985.
Based on the acquisition of knowledge and understanding through undergraduate studies, we research and produce actual embedded robots and systems. Additionally, our target is to acquire knowledge about theoretical and practical aspects of our field to be capable engineers.
S.E.F.T S.E.F.T (Sungkyunkwan E.C.E Futher Technology in Programming) is a programming research club. Areas of interest are C, C++, Open GL, embedding, network, game, and so on. The club holds seminars and studies these fields in depth.
NPC NPC is a problem soving club established in 2011. NPC members are focused on ACM-ICPC (programming competition conference).
Studying data structure and algorithms to solve a problem and write a program. We can study advanced algorithms and improve programming skills.
AMANG Amang is a free music club. We do not care about genres. Get rid of stress by engaging in the music you love.
Flower of Devil This group is a rock music club established in 1986. Every year we select only one team. The club practices 4 times per week, and twice per year they have a subscription concert. In December there is a big family concert for graduates.
TORNADO Tornado is a basketball club in the College of Information and Comunication Engineering. Every week they train to enhance physical strength and organizational power.
HEURISTICS Heuristics is a baseball club in the College of Engineering. Every Thursday at 3pm they have practice, and usually have matches on the weekend. The club teaches baseball for beginners and has basic equipment.
FIREBALLS In 1996, the soccer club, 'Fireballs', was established in Electric and Electronic Engineering Department. The club enjoys goodwill matches with other universities.
The SemiconYell English The Semicon Yell English is a club to improve English skills. Every week, there is a regular meeting to have English discussion.
Creep's Crump Creep's Crump is a rock band in the Department of Semiconductor Systems Engineering. Mainly, the club plays traditionally hard rock music, but these days tries to play many different kinds of genre.
Angel's Kiss Angel's kiss is a UCC club. They made UCC to express their life.
FC Ball FC Ball is a soccer club in the Department of Semiconductor Systems Engineering.Your love of soccer can develop through this club.
Hyperion Hyperion is a basketball club in Department of Semiconductor Systems Engineering. The club regularly has meetings twice per week to promote friendship, and partakes in goodwill matches with other departments' basketball clubs.
TUM SAE Tum-sae is a Christian and voluntary work club in the Department of Semiconductor Systems Engineering. Gathering for praying, missionary work, and voluntary work each week, they do missionary work through cutural activities and praise events.
C-in C-in is a software developing club. In this club students partake in brain storming, think sessions and learn programming skills.
HIT HIT stands for 'Hackers in Intrusion'. Study hacking skills and infromation security. They have meetings twice per week to study and receive consultation from Samsung Security Center and actively participate in Hacking competitions.
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