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Semiconductor Display Engineering

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The Department of Semiconductor and Display Engineering is a graduate program established in 2001 collaborating with Samsung Electronics. It is a dedicated education program for Samsung employees providing advanced professional courses at master’s and doctorate levels in the field of mixed signal design, system & software, process development, display, and power device.
The primary educational goal is to produce leading engineers who are capable of applying theoretical knowledge to developing new technology based on their industrial experience in semiconductor and display engineering. The students are taught and supervised by both outstanding faculty members from SKKU and adjunct professors from Samsung Electronics, so that they can establish a solid foundation in theory with thorough understanding of the latest technology.
Preparing for thesis and dissertation research, all students can fully utilize the excellent research environment and facilities of SKKU and Samsung electronics. The research works are strictly reviewed by joint graduation committees from SKKU and Samsung electronics, looking at the graduate students who have shown excellent academic achievements and published their work in outstanding academic journals. After returning to Samsung electronics, the students extend their academic achievements to develop the leading technology of Samsung Electronics.


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Department in Detail
1. Facilities, Resources and Funding
  ∙ Semiconductor Building in SKKU
    A 7,900 m2 semiconductor research/education building was newly completed in 2008. It hosts lecture halls, PC/
    workstation rooms, electronics laboratories, and libraries in addition to group study rooms.
  ∙ SSIT Exclusive Classes and Classroom in Place of Business
    SSIT exclusive classes are opened every semester and most of classes are held in Samsung CDI classroom located
    in place of business, so we can achieve successful collaborations between academia and industry.
  ∙ Implementation of Summer Intensive Courses
    Implement Summer Intensive Courses to minimize absence from work. The school year is divided into three
    semesters and Summer Intensive Courses run from July to August in the Samsung CDI classroom. Students
    can complete the whole course in a year and a half. They don't attend classes in the fourth semester, instead, they
    complete Master's and Doctoral dissertations in their place of business.
  ∙ Orgainzation of Curriculum in Cooperation with Related Industry.
  - Students are taught by both an outstanding faculty from SKKU and experts from Samsung Electronics, so that they
     can establish a solid foundation in theory with thorough understanding of the latest technologies.
  - Steering commitee composed of faculty from SKKU and board members of Samsung decide the curriculum and
     school system. Experts from Samsung give 50% (or more) of lectures.
  ∙ Support for all Expenses
    The company supports students for all school expenses, including university tuition.
2. Special Entry Requirements (Graduate)

Employment certificate and letter of recommendation from the company (Samsung Electronics)


Sungkyunkwan University and Samsung Electronics collaborated to launch the Semiconductor Display Program to establish a world-class education and research department.