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Digital Media Communication Engineering

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Established in 2010, in collaboration with Samsung Electronics, the Department of Digital Media Communication Engineering is an ongoing educational program for Samsung employees, providing advanced professional education through offering engineering courses at the graduate level. The Department of Digital Media Communication Engineering is focused on developing intelligent human resources in the digital media communication field.


One unique aspect of the program is the focus on joint academic industry supervision of the research thesis. This is in accordance with the original vision of the program which is to produce high quality field-based research. This accelerates the development of applied research skills for students, which in turn will have an eventual high level return for Samsung Electronics. In fact, all of the research questions that students are seeking answers to through their research, are related to Samsung’s real industrial needs.


The supervision process itself is also unique in a sense that students, faculty and Samsung mentors meet three times throughout the program conducting research conferences. As these conferences are dealing with real industry needs, they very closely approximate research team meetings at Samsung Electronics. In that sense, they are problem-based learning forums. This ensures that the students prepare research of high practical quality that meet rigorous industry and academic standards.


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Department in Detail

<Department objective>
Development of creative core-leaders in DMC field

<Educationsl Goals>
Cultivation of high-level onsite R&D workforce in DMC field
R&D personnel's technology extension and job performance improvement
Project leader level engineer training in DMC field


* Department of DMC Engineering is training top-level human resources, having the ability to problem

   solve, provide advanced specialized education programs, and ultimately, to cultivate advanced

   core manpower of project leader classification in the Digital Media Communication Field. 


** Samsung Electronics supports students- covers all fees, including tuition 

Why Choose Us?

Reinforced basic theory education and pratical training
Building R&D leader qualifications
Project-based and lab-practice-based learning


* Department of DMC Engineering and Samsung Electronics collaborated to launch promising programs and to establish a world-class education and research department.