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Title Notification to the students who are granted Ph.D. degree
Writer GRADUATE Date 2018-08-09 Hit 70

SKKU congratulates you who are willing to grant a Ph.D. degree.

I would like to inform you about the graduation ceremony.

1. Doctorate (Ph.D. ) degree students are about to attend the graduation ceremony held in Seoul Campus at August 24th, 2018. You should not come to attend the graduation ceremony held by the College.

2. Doctorate (Ph.D.) degree students cannot borrow graduation clothes from the university. Instead of that, students have to borrow the clothes by themselves. There are two types of clothes (1. Traditional style clothes, 2. Ordinary style clothes) You can choose one of them and buy or borrow the clothes from the private companies.

3. Private company “Sung Eui Sa” (성의사)

– You can buy your own Traditional style & Ordinary style clothes in here or borrow them

– Homepage: http://www.gown21.com

– Address: 서울시 용산구 후암동 244-50

– Phone Number: 02-754-7650 / 02-754-2612

– Payment

  1) If you buy it, please enter into the homepage

      2) If you borrow it, 100,000 (Korean) won

4. The other private company: You can borrow the clothes from there

  1) 서울가운사 www.seoulgown.co.kr 031-262-6396

  2) 공신학사가운사 www.gingshin.com 02-2265-0095

5. Fixed Color of the clothes: Orange Color (주황색) for Engineering (Including the Department of Electrical and computer engineering, etc.)

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