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Title (Revise) 2018-2 Instruction about the procedure of course registrationof CICE
Writer Graduate Date 2018-08-08 Hit 105

2018-2 Instruction about the procedure of course registrationof CICE


Several CICE courses have been changed to the following. so please refer to your registration courses.

Please check the attached file for final course opening.


Add/Revise the courses


Schedule for course registration in 2018-2 semester



Course registration

Available period for Course registration

8.9(Thu)~8.24(Fri)/ 10:00~23:00

Blackout period

Saturday, Sunday

Course check and change

Check/ Amendment

9.3(Mon) 08:00~9.5(Wed)16:59

Blackout period

9.5(Wed) 17:00~9.6(Thu) 07:59

Check/ Amendment

9.6(Thu) 08:00~9.7(Fri) 23:00


Please refer to information as follow about the schedule and method of course registration for freshmen of 2018-2 semester.

1. Method of course registration(Guide to joining “SKKU” homepage)
a. After completing university registration, You can join a “KINGO CLUB” in the university homepage(www.skku.edu
** Please refer to the instruction material, “how to register for SungkyunIn”
** Inquiry for joining “KINGO CLUB(SUNGKYUN-IN)”: +82-31-299-6119
b. After completing the registration of “KINGO CLUB”, access to “GLS” through homepage
c. Select “Crouse Area” in the right part of “GLS”
d. Searching for courses in “Syllabus” and “Electronic Timetable”
e. Through Link in “Registration courses for graduate school” or click
“http://sugang.skku.edu”, access to the system of course-registration
f. Enter student-number and password for “KINGO CLUB” and Log in
g. Select grade and semester
h. Make course registration
** [CICE] A foreign orientation schedule is scheduled for September 4, 2018. We will announce the detailed schedule later.

Please refer to the manual attached for detailed instruction


Introduction of taking research subjects (Master’s Research Problem, Doctor’s Research Problem)

CICE does not allow students of Master’s degree to take research subjects

Students of Doctor’s degree and Combined degree integrated courses are allowed to take research courses from 2nd semester.

Students hoping to take research courses should respond to the Google survey as blow:


A. Research courses

- Master’s research Problem 1, 2(ECE5237-41, ECE5238-41)

- Doctor’s research Problem 1, 2, 3(ECE6001-41, ECE6002-41, ECE6003-41)


B. How to apply : Respond to Google Survey



C. Application period:  August 9 10:00am ~ August 24 23:00pm

                           September 3 10:00am ~ September 7, 23:00pm (No time extension)


※ Limit of research course Credit : Combined 12 Credit / Ph.d 9 Credit

※ Only one research course per semester is allowed.

Students who want to take a research course should leave three of the available credits.


Inquiry : 1811-7558, 1811-8585/ 18118585@skku.edu

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