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Title [Important][Urgent] Procedure for augment T/O and taking research subjects
Writer GRADUATE Date 2018-08-07 Hit 128

From the following semester, Waiting list system will introduced for graduate school the course registration. The process of augment for graduate courses has also will be changed.

Please refer to information as follow:


■ Waiting list system

If the number of applicants exceeds the Course limit, applicants get a waiting number as in the order that they applied for the courses.

If you can register for course, you will be automatically register in the waiting list.

(ex. cancellation of the courses or Increase the number of courses limit)


※ You can apply for a waiting list only within the total available credits. (9credit)

※ The waiting list is deleted after the start of semester.


■ Changing the procedure for augment T/O(courses limit.)

The office of department will open 100% of the courses limit on the start date of the course application.

Students who need augmentation of course limit, please request to the courses professors through the GLS system and the procedure is as follows.


A) Before the start of semester(Only waiting list) : 9~21, August

a) Add waiting list course in book bag(책가방)

b) Write the reason for take the course on GLS (수강희망사유)

c) The professor check the reason and augmentation of course limit

d) Automatically register in the waiting list.

B) After the start of semester(Delete waiting list) : 3~7, Sep

a) Add the wanted course in book bag(책가방)

b) Write the reason for take the course(수강희망사유)

c) The professor check the reason and augmentation of course limit

d) Course registration is available on a First come first get.(by yourself)


※ The professor can not grant permission only to the designated students. It is only possible to augment T/O(courses limit)

※ Reason for the take the course(수강희망사유) can not be modified after saving.


■ Introduction of taking research subjects(Master’s Research Problem, Doctor’s Research Problem)

CICE does not allow students of Master’s degree to take research subjects

Students of Doctor’s degree and Combined degree integrated courses are allowed to take research courses from 2nd semester.

Students hoping to take research courses should respond to the Google survey as blow:


A. Research courses

- Master’s research Problem 1, 2(ECE5237-41, ECE5238-41)

- Doctor’s research Problem 1, 2, 3(ECE6001-41, ECE6002-41, ECE6003-41)


B. How to apply : Respond to Google Survey



C. Application period: August 9 ~ September 7, 11:00 pm (No time extension)


※ Limit of research course Credit : Combined 12 Credit / Ph.d 9 Credit

※ Only one research course per semester is allowed.

Students who want to take a research course should leave three of the available credits.


Inquiry : 1811-7558, 1811-8585/ 18118585@skku.edu

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