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Title 2018-1 NOTICE on Presentation for Main Defense of Master's Degree
Writer GRADUATE Date 2018-05-08 Hit 229

Thesis Main Defense Presentation of Master's Degree will be held as following.


1. Presentation Date & Time :  18:00 pm, May, 25, 2018 

2. Place : Semiconductor Building

3. Students to attend: Applicants of Master's Thesis main defense 

4. Procedures

: Proceed to 10-minute presentation, 5 minutes questions and answers


* Note 1. For Personal schedule will be announced at a later.

* Note 2. In case you would not participate in the presentation, you should submit the reason for absence to the Office of Graduate Studies, no later than May. 15, 2018. In addition to the submission of the reason for absence, you MUST have a thesis main defense presentation process individually in consultation with your advising professor.


* Attachment : Reason for absence




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Preview 2018. 1 Additional reception for the application of Master/Ph.D Pre/Main defense will be implemented.