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Title 2018-1 Notice on Thesis/Dissertation Pre-Defense and Main Defense
Writer GRADUATE Date 2018-04-09 Hit 512

【 Master’s Degree

Master’s students should upload their thesis for the Pre-Defense and Main Defense at the related site, icc.skku.ac.kr/~icepaper


1. Uploading Period:  May 8 to 14, 2018

※ Note: Uploading your thesis once, you are NOT able to revise it. Thus you may make it uploaded with no error after the thorough examination.


2. How to Submit

1) Access to the Online Thesis System, icc.skku.ac.kr/~icepaper

2) Select [Submit]

3) To login, input your student ID and date of birth (YYMMDD).

4) Type down a thesis title and abstract, and Upload your thesis and PPT file, and save it.


3. Details on Uploading





- Approximately 20 pages Thesis for the Pre-Defense compiled by Hangul or MS Word

- Abstract edited by MS Power Point

Main Defense

- Minimum 40 pages and around 50 pages Thesis for the Main Defense compiled by Hangul or MS Word

- Abstract edited by MS Power Point for presentation

(Please refer to presentation guideline.)


※ Please refer to attached Template and examples, PPT guidelines.


【 Doctoral Degree

1. How to Get Pre-Defense and Main Defense Dissertation

Applicants can make a schedule for dissertation public presentations in consultation with the advising professor and thesis committee members. Applicants proceed with the following procedures.



Presentations in Public

Dissertation Review


1 time

1 time

Main Defense

1 time

2 times



2. Submission

Dissertation Committee Chairman should submit the final report on both the Pre-Defense and the Main Defense results.


3. Submission List of Doctoral Dissertation Pre-Defense and Main Defense Results

Please refer to the attached forms.


* For further information, please contact the Office of Graduate Studies (Phone: ext. 5822,5818,5868)


Office of Graduate Studies

College of Information and Communication Engineering

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