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Title [Modify] Required Safety Education(2nd) for 2018 Spring Freshmen
Writer GRADUATE Date 2018-03-07 Hit 228

Safety Education for 2018 Spring Freshmen will be proceeded like the below description.

If you have not attended 1st education(19th of Feb), please attend the 2nd education.


A. Date and Place : Engineering Building 1, 23219

1) First : 2018.3.26(Mon), 15:00~17:00 PM / To be proceeded in Korean

2) Second : 2018.3.27(Tue), 15:00~17:00 PM / To be proceeded in Korean

 3) Third : 2018.3.28(Wed), 14:00~16:00 PM / To be proceeded in English

Among 3 times of educations, target students should participate one education

We recommend to attend at 28th March. (Wed) , 14:00~16:00 proceeding in English.


B. Target students : 2018 Spring freshmen of the graduate school (Required Education)


C. Contents

 1) Information about legal systems of safety education and direction of safety management for freshmen

 2) Examples of safety accidents following fields of research labs


D. Note

1) Apart from this education, all graduate students must complete online safety training every semester.

2) If you attend this education, you will be exempted from online education for this semester(2018 Spring).

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