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Title 2017. 2 Guidance of Safety Education
Writer CS Date 2017-09-07 Hit 303

2017. 2 Guidance of Safety Education


Ⅰ. Obligatory completion time of safety education

 1. Subject:  1) All students in graduate course in CICE and College of Software.

                    2) Undergraduate Students who take laboraty class

 2. Time: more than 6 hours


II. Program

 1. Students should complete the on-line safety education program no later than 2017. 9. 30(Sat)

 2. Site of the program

  a. Computer(PC): http://safety.skku.edu

  b. Mobile(Cell-phone): http://m-safety.skku.edu

 3. Contents of the program :


※ Contents are allowed to change under the relevant stipulations

※ An Online course is considered as an hour for obligatory completion time of safety education


 4. Completion Process

  a. Complete 6 common courses

  ** Course registration: Automatically registered

  ** Period for course completion: until 2017. 9. 30(Sat.)   (YOU SHOULD OBSERVE THE PERIOD LIMIT)

  b. After completing courses, students can print the certificate out

  ** ID and password are equivalent with those of university homepage

  ** If you don’t complete the safety education, the result will be recorded as “F” and eligibility for main-defense will be restricted. (Please consult with administrative officer about this regulation(031-290-5822))


♦ Inquiry: Administrative office(031-290-5822)

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