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Title (Important)2017-2 Notice on Research Subject Report Submission (Master's Research Problem / Doctor's Research Problem)
Writer Graduate Date 2017-09-04 Hit 321

1. Target subjects: Master's Research1, 2 / Doctor's Research 1, 2, 3

                      (ECE5237, ECE5238, ECE6001, ECE6002, ECE6003)


2. Report has to be turned in on time. If you don't, you can't pass

3. You have to submit report in person (Totally 5 reports)

4. Details

* When submitting your Report in June, you must submit the Final Report and the PPT file. 

    You have to get advisor's signature on the front page of two reports. 


* How to submit :  Submit it to the office of graduate school (1 Engineering building no. 21104)


5. In case that You can not contact with your advisor because of research year, you could get the approval of your advisor via e-mail

6. If you delay your submission over 1 week, you will be regarded as not making submission.

7. If you doesn't submit report more than 2 times, you will be failed without considering performance of your research.

8. Inquiry: Admin Office(031-290-5822, 5818, 5868)




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