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Title Samsung-SKKU open IoT Practical Education jointly for Samsung new employee
Writer CS Date 2017-10-26 Hit 343

Samsung-SKKU open IoT Practical Education jointly for Samsung new employee (SKKU CICE Prof. KIM, YONG SERK, Prof. KUC, TAE YONG)


College of Communication and Information Engineering(Dean ROH, YONGHAN) made IoT Curriculum which is the core of The Fourth Industrial Revolution with Samsung Electronics jointly. This is the first time in Korea when Enterprise and University collaborate together. In this curriculum, Arduino and Raspberry Pi is utilized based on ARTIK which is the IoT Platform of Samsung Electronics. This curriculum was complete by industrial-educational cooperation project developed by Prof. KIM, YONG SERK and Prof. KUC, TAE YONG last year. 1st education has finished and 2nd education is in the march for Samsung Electronics new employee.

Schedule 1st: 8/21~9/15 , 2nd: 9/18~10/27,
Place: Samsung Electronics Human Resources Development



Education was progressed based on project with group practice under big topic of Smart Home. It is divided small task such as total enviromental and safety system implementing fine dust and fire notice implemented by various sensor Smart Plug that On-Off control and remote power check are possible Smart Door Lock functioning face recognition.


Prof. KIM, YONG SERK in CICE, advisor of this program, said “it is new try for Samsung and SKKU to make and operate IoT Practical Education. This is considered great example of industrial-educational cooperation”




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