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Title Professor Park, Jin-hong were selected in 'Samsung Electronics FutureTechnology Promotion Project'
Writer CS Date 2017-05-08 Hit 295

Professor Park, Jin-hong in School of Electronic and Electrical Engineering were selected in 'Samsung Electronics Future Technology Promotion Project'



Professor Park, Jin-hong was selected in the field of materials in the "Project for the Future Technology Promotion Project in the first half of 2017"
 sponsored by Samsung Electronics.

The title of the research project is 'Development of semiconductor devices and circuit based on heterogeneous junction structure that can understand ternary / quaternary method'.  Five-year research is conducted in two stages. The contents of the study are as follows.

Research content / goal summary:

The first stage utilizes a negative differential resistance (NDR) based on a two-dimensional van der Waals material with a single current peak (or two threshold voltages) and a negative differential transconductance (NDT) device.

His top priority is implementation of multi level logic devices with two or more current peaks (i.e., three or more threshold voltages) applicable to multi level logic circuits in the future.

Then, he will implement a ternary / quadrature inverter with stable logic state by using the multi level logic device platform.

In the second step, a ternary AND / OR gate circuit for multi level logic operation is developed by applying the NDR / NDT based ternary inverter circuit technology to the modified binary NAND / NOR circuit structure.

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